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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Must be a blue moon

It's not often George Bush does something I agree with, but this might be an exception. Legalising America's huge migrant underclass will doubtless improve their living and working conditions, and will certainly provide a boost to the US economy.

My business school professors were always keen to point out that under globalisation the movement of goods had become free, but the movement of people had remained restrained. Changing that would do a lot to improve global productivity. Interesting though that this is a bill which Bush will need Democrat support to pass, and which will face most opposition from the Republicans. My only question is 'why has he done it now?

Dean is saying that this doesn't go far enough - which is probably true, but I'm not sure any US presidet could go much further at the present time and come out with legislation enacted on the other side.

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