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Friday, January 23, 2004

Investors in Spaaaaaaaace

Dubya might want to go to Mars, but one American is already ahead of him. Elon Musk has been planning on making the trip for a while, and even though the initial goal of his firm is simply to dominate the satelite launching business one of his long term dreams is to get to Mars. The company he's set up to do this is called SpaceX

I met Elon at business school (he was talking, I was listening) and asked him why, did he just wake up one day and decide 'rockets, thats the thing for me!'. Turns out he did, he always liked rockets when he was a kid and now he's a billionaire - Elon owned Paypal until it was bought by E-bay - he wants to build rockets.

Now while Elon has a cool name and a rocket I'm pretty sure he's not a bond villain. Still, the fact that he has these things means someone might be.

Oh, the thing that got me thinking about this was Dana Blakenhorns excellent a-clue.com newsletter. Read it regularly.

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