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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Good things happening

At the Said Business School website a project I was involved in a while back has seen the light of day. The 'Experience an Open Day' page and its associated 'Experience a lecture' stuff are intended to take some of the great things that go on inside the business school and show them on the outside.

This is one of the best ways to sell a company to anyone, show them what it's really like and teach them about it. Of course it's much more effective if your company is good, and a waste of time if your company is bad. Still, bad companies can't be fixed by marketing so there you go. The key though is that there are many good companies supplying most products, MBA students can choose between at least 50 top flight MBA's all offering similar levels of education and networking opportuities. Very few business schools choose to open themselves up though, in taking these first steps Oxford has become more open than most. The hope now is that they can do more and become the most open school in the world.

If they do that, applications, funding and so on will be no problem at all.

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