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Friday, January 02, 2004

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

Despite the post below I've had a wonderful new year. On new years eve we went to a house party for which my better half had promised to make Oliebollen (Oil Balls). These are deep fried dough balls with raisins, apples and sultanas, and they're much fun to make and more fun to eat. Defying all claims that it was impossible I made one shaped like a dinosaur, and ate it.

New years day was spent with the family of my better half who gather round to talk to each other, play games and exchange news. It was a lot of fun, and included a swift tour of Amersfoort as part of the party games. Some years ago my better half was hosting one of these gatherings and determined that instead of sitting around all day the family should head out into the streets on a kind of treasure hunt / quiz. Even better she spied the chance to get rid of a cup she had been given by a friend and *really* didn't like. That cup became the annual trophy.

Thanks to my heroic efforts in Amersfoort that cup is now safely back in our hands, and I plan to give it pride of place in our home. Hurrah!

Today we're going skating on my new skates (more about those later)

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