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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Good grief

Tony has gotten involved in a debate about libertarianism, liberalism, conservatism and god knows what else. It's too much not to get involved.

Original article
Then this
Then this

Libertarians may be fun, but they shouldn't be allowed to run countries. People who don't believe in safety nets also tend to believe that they themselves will never fall. Likewise those who believe they should be allowed to ingest anything they damn well please also tend to believe that they won't be the ones mugging grannies to pay for it.

Conservatives shouldn't be allowed to run countries because they believe that while people do fall there's an invisible hand waiting to catch them.* Liberals and the moderate left are fine though, plus you can take them home to meet your parents.

Incidently has anyone else noticed the medievalism creeping into some Republican thought, someone will be talking about the deserving and undeserving poor soon.

* The reason you never see the invisible hand is because it ususally isn't there - Joseph Stiglitz

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