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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yahoo Mail gets desperate

Yahoo have just upgraded their email accounts to 100MB of storage (from 6) and are now letting people send emails upto 10 MB in size. There's also been some tweaking of the user interface.

Anyone would think Google's 1000MB of storage had got them rattled. The thing is 100MB still isn't enough. When I've had unlimited storage in the past I've blown through 100MB in no time. A few powerpoint files, word documents or (worst of all) psd files and 100MB doesn't look so good.

I'm not actually convinced Googles 1000MB is enough, but with Moores law allowing them to double the size every 18 months for free I think they'll be fine. Plus, once you get to 1000MB even the most parsimonius web user is going to accept that maybe it's time to start paying for storage.

Oh yeah, and I've got 738 spam messages since yesterday. Admittedly 99%+ of them get put in the bulk mail spam box automatically but still, you'd think they could stop this ever reaching me at all.

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