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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Team of the tournament

What with Euro 2004 dominating my evenings at the moment I should probably write about it. By better two thirds was asking who I'd have as my team of the tournament the other night. Here's my guess....

In goal : Peter Czech, Czech Republic
Central Defence : Sol Campbel, England
Central Defence : Carvalho, Portugal
Right Back :
Left Back :

Central Midfield : Patrick Viera, France
Central Midfield : Pavel Nedved, Czech Republic
Right wing : Steven Gerard, England
Left Wing : Robert Pires, France

Centre Forward : Van Nistelroy, Holland
Centre Forward : Thierry Henri, France

On the bench are the wonderkids Wayne Rooney, Christian Ronaldo, and Joaquin plus Iker Cassilas and Cassano. I haven't seen Italy play yet, but from the response the press gave Cassano he must have been a bit good. Zidane's on the bench, partly cause Nedved was awesome against the Dutch, and partly cause any English manager would enjoy putting him on the bench right now...

The full back slots are still open. If you could give Gary Neville Ashley Cole's attacking ability or Cole Nevilles defensive skills they'd both be in. But you can't.

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