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Monday, June 14, 2004

Pro Europe Rant

What is wrong with the morons who vote for UKIP? Or perhaps more to the point why hasn't anyone pointed out that the reason Europe is a good thing is that if we all join up we all get rich?

I wish to god Blair, Clarke and the rest would stop waffling about foreign policy benefits and suchlike and concentrate on the one big benefit of European integration and expansion. We get richer. Not just the Irish or the Portugese or the Poles or the other 'net debtor' nations, but places like England and Holland where I'm sitting now, the biggest 'net creditor' per capita end up ahead.

Its simple. We let the Poles sell us potatoes, cheaper than we can make them ourselves. With this money the Poles buy stuff we make that they couldn't afford otherwise. Into the bargain we get better potatoes and a nicer class of Vodka. What's not to like? This process repeats across thousands and thousands of products, the benefits of trade are huge.

It's thanks to Europe that Ireland is prosperous, something that must have helped the peace process there no end. It's thanks to Europe that all those Japanese car companies have put their factories in England. You think Nissan would be in Sunderland if they had to pay import taxes when they sold cars in France? Get real.

Sure there are plenty of other benefits to expanding Europe. Stability, law and order, foreign policy and so on all benefit, but the self obsessed little englanders who vote for out and out racists like Kilroy Silk and the rest of the middle class BNP are only going to respond to one message. Wave a fistful of poundnotes in their face - they're the loadsamoney throwbacks and someone should tell them that they're going to cost us all dear.

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