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Friday, December 05, 2003

Will the Republicans ever learn?

This video (.ram download) is of a commercial aired by the Republican Club for Growth.

No sooner has it aired than Dean slaps a fundraising request on his website and the money rolls in to respond. He'll get another $200000 and get to air an advert directly refuting these points. Its exactly what happened a few months ago when the Bush campaign ran attack ads elsewhere in America.

Someone somewhere needs to slap them with a big cluebyfour.

On the other hand someone should slap Dean with a big cluebyfour about his trade policy. Hes right to talk about the need for fair trade not free trade, but the whole steel tarriffs issue was a non-starter. Not only did the economist suggest that they were doing about four times more damage to the US economy than good, but they're naked protectionism of a very bad kind indeed.

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