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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Once given the job...

If I become Internet Deployment and Communication manager for Philips my first act will be to have the job application tool rebuilt. It's awful. I have just sent in an application after following a link in a job description to 'apply online'.

Having filled in a form I have now been told that 'should they find any matching vacancies' they'll get in touch. In otherwords I have just spent an *hour* (no helpful .doc upload here) pissing about with the formatting of a html document in word (and word is not an HTML editor anyone with a brain would choose to use) only to be told that I might have to do it again.

I am off to find an email address and cause problems. Likely to be more effective than chancing everything to this system again.

Update It did infact work, it just gave me a message at the end of the process telling me it failed. Which is about as poorly as one can design a user interface.

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