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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Whats right with the right

(and wrong with the left)

Five reasons to love the right. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

The right likes liberty

Man was born free and is everywhere in chains. On an ideological level the right tends not to like chains. Worship what you like, believe what you like, do what you like. Free speech, free press, free everything. Small governments that keep their nose out of people's lives. Ultimately this cannot be reconciled with collective action and paternalism.

The right likes property

If you have stuff the right pretty much believes you can keep it. The left is not always so forgiving.

The right likes potential

The right really does hold that anyone can be anything they like, if only they put the hours in. Create a free enough society and the rewards will all flow naturally to the people who put the most effort in and deserve most. It's a nicely egalitarian idea in an odd kind of way.

The right likes growth

Economic growth is a pretty big thing. If you've got it all is well, if you haven't all isn't. The right cares more about increasing the size of the pie than distributing it fairly. This is not an entirely bad idea as most of the eastern block found out.

The right is unashamedly patriotic

Largely because they tend to have been responsible for most of it the right tends to feel strongly about the past achievements of the nations they live in. This is much neater than the situation on the left where you can only feel properly patriotic about stuff everyone did, so the whole British Empire is a cause for handwringing and apologies since it was an elitist concern. If you're not careful this can take the fun out of (say) thrashing a bunch of colonials on their own turf at a game invented in a posh school because just kicking the ball with your feet was too hard...

Laaaand of hope and glooorrrryyyy

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