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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Things to read

"In a simple small room with blue mattresses laid on the floor to sit on, Ayatollah Sistani, one of his sons and an assistant met a group of Sunni university professors, tribe leaders and dignitaries. During the 3 hour meeting not one single verse from the Quran was recited, he expressed his fear that federalism might lead to the fragmentation of Iraq and said that if the elections had to be delayed for legitimate reasons he will endorse the delay. My father came back from this meeting quite awed."

Salaam Pax is writing consistently and well again, after months of disjointedness. It also seems his father is someone of note (not much, but enough to meet Sistani to talk about elections). Its hard to form an opinion about Sistani at the moment, so private is the man. His actions however seem to be reasonable so far and its just possible that this Imam might be the best hope Iraqi's have.

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