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Friday, February 13, 2004

Slowly coming back

Fencing last night was interesting. Partly because the club now have installed their lovely new electronic equipment. This gives six pistes with full electric fencing kit. I'm generally ambivelent about electric fencing but this is at least designed in a way that removes one major problem - the lights are positioned at either end of the piste rather than in the middle. This avoids everyone doing the 'I think I've hit/been hit turn round to look at the box' thing which always struck me as both looking odd and encouraging bad habits.

Still, half way through my second fight my opponent paused to point out that 'you should try moving around a bit more'. He was right too. Years ago when I'd been doing this a lot I used to bound around the piste lack the energiser bunny on speed. For the last few weeks I've been remarkably flat footed. Suddenly all kinds of things came back to me, I scored some good hits and generally fenced rather well. Then in my next bout I got all carried away and gave up a lot of stupid points trying things I'm not sure I could ever do well.

Still, live and learn.

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