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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Not too busy to surf

One has to assume Tony isn't too stressed at law school because he found World66, a handy thing that generates maps like this

Yup. The ones in red are the ones I've been to (I think). And here's a rather less impressive map of the world...

The interesting one though is a test of the six degrees of separation theory. Here's a map showing all the countries for which I know at least one citizen reasonably well.

So notable gaps in Africa, the Middle East and Indonesia. That last one shouldn't be hard to deal with since I'm living in Holland where Indonesian immigrants abound. On the middle east front I used to live opposite the son of the Jordanian Ambassador, who was a nice guy, but it was many years ago and I don't think we'd recognise each other now. My 'friends in Africa' score just sucks though.

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