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Friday, February 11, 2005

Things to buy when I'm rich

Via Gaping Void I found my way to http://www.englishcut.com/ . Should I ever find myself in the market for a top class suit I now know where to go.

I'm pointing this site out because it's exactly the kind of marketing blogs are good at. Taking a complex subject and explaining it over a long period of time. Educating people about the product you want them to buy - turning your customers into devotees.

It's all what Douglas Holt calls viral marketing. In a better definition than this is usually given he describes it as any marketing technique based on getting customers to do the advocacy for you. This says Doug is not the way forward. He advocates iconic branding - but since I'm only up to chapter 2 of his book I can't tell you exactly what that is yet. But since he mentions my employer in the first paragraph I'm hoping to find out.

Sadly he's not in his office today, or I'd have been able to ask in person...

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