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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lazy Journalism II

This time stealing shamelessly from NUFC.com

Congratulations to Mail on Sunday journalist, Bob Cass, who correctly told us that Wayne Rooney would join Manchester United well over a month ago.

Mind, the chances were Bob was going to be correct no matter which club Rooney joined. Here's a sample of some of Bob's Wayne "exclusives" ..:

July 18 Rooney to join Man United
HEADLINE: Birch exit sets up Rooney switch to United

July 11 Rooney to join Newcastle
HEADLINE: Newcastle to join £30m Rooney chase

July 6 Rooney to join Chelsea

January 5 Rooney to join Real Madrid
HEADLINE: Real Madrid in secret bid for Rooney

When I was at University I used to read about six or seven papers every day because it was free to do so. Since then I've had no time at all for Tabloid sports reporting - the one bit of journalism they claim to do well. For every genuine story they've got five or six works of fiction. On the other hand, once a transfer is reported in the Times, or the Guardian or the Telegraph it's probably on the cards, and at the very least financially feasible.

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