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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Did anyone Th!nk about this?

My new employer have just launched a campaign about Ford Motors decision to scrap their eco-friendly 'Th!nk' model of car. I have to say, even if the car was only developed to meet legal requirements and has been dropped when they changed scrapping the things makes no sense.

It annoys anyone who's got one
It costs money
It ignores people willing to take them off your hands for cold hard cash

Even if Ford don't believe in the car why not spin off the technology into a new company, give it some start-up capital and the existing stock and tell it to go compete with Smart? Someone went to all the trouble of designing these cars, marketing and branding them, setting up an assembly line, training customer support... I mean, building a car is an expensive thing to do. You'd think they'd want something back on the deal...

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