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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Keeping up the good work

Pressups 2*20
Crunches 2*20

Free weights session
Squats, 3*15
Lunges, 3*25 each leg

Pressups 3*20
Shoulderpress 15@7kg, 15@7kg, 8@7kg
Bicep curls, 3*20@7kg
Hammer curls 20@7kg, 20@7kg, 20@7kg (r) 11@7kg (l)
Tricep overheads 20@5.5kg, 15@5.5 (r) 14@5.5 (l), 12@4.5 (r) 13@4.5 (l)

Upper body
Chest press 20@8kg, 20@8kg, 20@7kg
Single arm press 18@8kg, 18@8kg, 18@7kg
Pec Flyes 15@7kg, 15@5.5kg, 15@4.5kg

Stretching, 10 mins

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