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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Wedding Bells

Maria's brother and his fiance tied the knot a week ago today and it was a wonderful occassion. Since weddings are private I'll keep most of the blogging to the reception. It was held on a boat, this boat to be exact.

The Luuurve boat

Despite the appearances this boat is only pretending to be a sailing ship. It started life as a commercial whaler with an engine, when the decision came to convert it to a pleasureboat the masts were added. They do work though, and once we were underway the engines went off and we made our way along under sail. Indeed at one point a group of guests were prevailed on to haul away at various ropes. I did so, and somewhere high above me something moved, I think.

Below decks was a large and well appointed dining area, a bar and a disco. In true modern style this was DJ'd from a laptop and in true wedding style 70's and 80's hits pounded out all night turning the old whaler in the the disco boat of luuurve. The bride rather sensibly had abandoned her wedding shoes by this time and switched to something more sensible.

Apologies for the lighting

and of course no wedding report would be complete without a picture of the happy couple, Jan and Suse de Kleijn

the happy couple

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