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Monday, March 15, 2004

Spanish bombs

There's been a lot of stuff written about what happened in Spain. Commentators from left and right have found a new hobby - interpreting the results in a way that makes the other side look bad. The results were pretty simple, people died. The commentators should bite their tongues. Some things go beyond who's going to win the next election or whether the new Spanish government are soft on terrorism.

The best thing I've read that's been written about this (I couldn't really translate the two pages of the local Dutch paper which were sensibly given over two Spanish writers) is this column from Sid Lowe. He's a football journalist, in Spain. So this is Sid's weekly round-up of the Spanish league, only it isn't, only it is. Footballers aren't normal people, but on a day like this maybe they are and their reactions say a lot about how terrorism affects people.

The whole point about terrorism is that it crashes in through the windows and makes things different. You shouldn't think about bombs when you watch football - but then you do. That's what the article is about, normal life goes on, but it doesn't. The only response to terrorism is not to be terrified, but that's hard.

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