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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Mouse pads, shoe leather, and hope

Found this great article via Doc Searls. Taking my partisan hat off for a minute its a very solid summary of something I'd been meaning to write about. Dean's campaign isn't doing well because of the blog or the websites - its performing because its using those tools to do things in the offline world.

Like so many things about internet marketing its all terribly old fashioned really. They've got people writing letters - Amnestly International has been doing this for years. They've got people getting together to talk about politics - the American War of Independence was planned in a similar way in the coffee shops and tea houses of Boston (less Starbucks then I suppose) and I have no doubt that the conspirators who brought down Ceaser enjoyed a convivial beverage as they planned their coup. It's what politics should be, a big discussion.

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