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Monday, November 17, 2003

Great TV

I've just seen something called 'No Comment' on EuroNews. They show news footage without any commentary at all, just a time and place on the captions. So today we had footage of protests in Georgia, I know there are allegations of vote-rigging in Tblisi, but I couldn't tell you who the man in the suit with the megaphone was, I couldn't tell you what the army was doing there either. It was a very odd experience seeing this kind of footage stripped of all context.

After that was footage of what I presume were US soldiers in Afghanistan. They were dropped off by helicopter, they wandered through the mountains, at one point they fired a mortar round - it was impossible to tell what at, they certainly didn't seem to be in combat. Later they blew something else up and then got back on their helicopter and went away again - back to base I guess. It was, I suppose, a routine patrol. Watching it like that was interesting, good.

Unvarnished TV. I think there should be more of this stuff.

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