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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Old blogs never die

Although in my case they sometimes disappear off line for years at a time. Still, I've republished the blogger archives of my old site- MBA Experience, at http://sbsmba.blogspot.com I'll put the rest of the site back as well sooner or later.

Another blog which has reached a close is Tony Rickey's excellent Three Years of Hell (to become the devil) . Since Tony claims I'm part of the inspiration for this I'm glad to see that he's got as much out of writing the blog as I did. I however, despite occasional thoughts of writing in the style of Hunter S Thompson (which I never managed) didn't come up with anything as stylish as Tony's take on the Screwtape letters.

I didn't manage the amount of inter-blog dialogue he did either, but that might be a sign of the times more than anything else.

Still Tony is done, and if you're wondering what a law degree is like you could do a lot worse than start here.