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Friday, February 24, 2006

Keeping arms under control

I've just signed up to Amnesty's 'Control Arms' campaign. Amnesty are a group I've got huge respect for, they achieve a lot and speak with an exceptionally strong moral voice. Occasionally they get criticised for an overfocus on western regimes (especially the US) who aren't perfect while ignoring terrible dictatorships.

This is of course garbage. It's just that when Amnesty put out a report on terrible dictatorships they get ignored by the news at 10, but when they slate the most powerful man in the world, well that's news. It's not Amnesty's fault, it's down to the media, and ultimately the public indifference that they're working so hard to counter.

Anyway, signing up was easy, as was uploading a photo to become one of the million faces. They did ask for a bunch of personal info at that stage, which I didn't give to them.

They also score bonus points for making it really easy to place their banner ad on my sidebar.

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