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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The media stirs

The BBC has picked up on the UN's decision to try and talk the Iraqi government out of changing the rules ahead of the referendum. Full story here.

Meanwhile on CNN filed in the 'other things happened in Iraq' section of this story we learn that the rule change may have happened last week.

"Parliament voted last week to change how that law would be interpreted. The new rule would require opponents to get two-thirds of registered voters to vote no, instead of two-thirds of ballots cast, the source said"

Come on guys, it's not like this happened in one of the bits of Iraq it's hard to report on. It happened in Parliament, which I'm pretty sure announces it's decisions.

Meanwhile I still don't understand why they even tried this in the first place. Most of the smart money seems to think that the Sunni will only manage a no vote in two provinces, not three. Or maybe the constitution isn't as popular as the western media have been suggesting. I have no idea.

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