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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

See the flames, higher and higher

Things at Ice Station Reindeer have taken a decided turn for the weird (again). The Finnish Loggers who are objecting to Greenpeace's presence through the bizarre 'anti-terror info centre' have been resorting to ever more bizarre intimidation tactics.

Burning crosses, air raid sirens and now the driving of a big, dangerous tree harvester through our camp. Elsewhere we've seen 'Greenpeace = Al Queda' signs and 'Fuck FSC' banners (FSC is a certification scheme for sustainably farmed wood - a friend of mine in the paper industry tells me there's massive demand for it and a global shortage. You'd think people would be scrambling to produce it...)

You can see the decidedly Blair Witch style movies we've recorded of all this here

and an account of what's been going on - with added photographs here

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